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HAVAL and MI Reached A Long-term Strategic Partnership in Russia

Category: Enterprise News 2019-09-27

Moscow, September 23, 2019 - HAVAL and MI(Xiaomi), two well-known Chinese brands, jointly announced a long-term strategic partnership in Russia. The two sides will further cooperate in marketing, new product technology application and other aspects.

From August 19 to September 15, MI launched a 28-day "Back to School with MI" event throughout Russia. HAVAL was responsible for the delivery of the grand prize, which was the much-anticipated finale. The winner received more than 20 MI products, worth a total of 50,000 yuan. On September 22, Yu Man, the head of MI Russia, drove HAVAL F7 to send the grand prize to the users in person.


HAVAL F7 was officially launched in Russia in June, 2019. It has won the favor of local consumers in just three months by virtue of its fashion-leading intelligent appearance, industry-leading intelligent interaction, rich and luxurious intelligent high-tech specification and comfortable intelligent driving experience. In this event, the amazing appearance of HAVAL F7 fleet attracted numerous passers-by to stop and watch.

“MI, the fourth largest smart phone brand in the world, HAVAL, a leading professional SUV brand in the world, have joined hands to forge ahead and will definitely earn a place for Intelligent Manufacturing in China, Russia and even in the world, leading Chinese brands to the world,” said Yu Man.

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